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SHELBY JOHNSON ALLEN: When I became a client of Trish Andrews everything changed. Her Program of Clean Eating combined with her Unique & Customized Exercise Program changed my mind, body, and spirit! I am now 40lbs lighter, I smile a lot brighter, and my musical career will be bigger than ever because of my stamina, & confidence I have gained. "TAF WORKOUT DVD is The Truth".

SHENA CORBETT WORTHY: The TAF WORKOUT DVD is an investment that keeps on paying. TRISH'S Imaginary Rope Routine has taken my fitness to a new level. After the workout, I feel & see differences in the problem areas-mainly my core, arms, & legs. This is without me having to spend hours working on them. This is a must have Fitness DVD without a doubt!

DAVIDA JACKSON: The TAF WORKOUT DVD makes me feel like I'm in shape without going to the gym or using any equipment. In the first week I lost 4 pounds. My body looks tighter and more lean, and I feel amazing from the burst of energy that it gives, while increasing my stamina. "I really enjoy this workout".

SHARON SAUNDERS:  The TAF DVD has been a miracle workout a plan for me. I have been with Trish for a year since she's been open I'm one of her oldies. It was tough in the beginning when I started my sessions but I finally made up my mind that I've got to do this for me and my health. Since I've been doing the TAF DVD IT HAS truly changed my Stamina, as well as endurance, motivation,  and most of all, my thighs don't rub anymore. I'm at my smallest weight and I feel good. The moves, and the music is awesome and keeps you pumped and ready to workout to burn that 500 or more calories. I truly thank God for Trish she is definitely changing lives and helping her clients reach there fitness goals. She is doing what she loves for people and for what God has given her the gift to do...When the DVD is available for purchase it will be a "Great" investment for anybody who wants to get in shape and lose their weight. It has truly blessed me.. 

DARLA BEAL: I am a living witness that the "TAF"workout really does work. I have lost 12lbs. in 2 months. My stamina has increased and I feel and look like a new person...Trish is a Great Trainer!

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